Permanent Make-up Training

Training for Permanent Make-up includes microblading, solid color, 2-color combination, as well as correcting color and shape.

Permanent Make-up Course Description:

1.  Theory of permanent make-up and design.

2.  Personal hands on instruction, limited to one to two students only.

3.  At least two of each procedure will be taught: soft hair stroke eyebrows, eyeliner and lash enhancement and soft lip color.

4.  Consultation and understanding of client’s lifestyle.

5.  Practical application for the disinfection of clients and sterilization of work areas and tools.

6.  Information about pigments and familiarization with the tools to be used.

7.  Detailed information on how to apply for your license from the State of Washington.

8.  Business coaching and marketing implementation.


Full Program

100 hours of training is composed of 35 hours of class pre-study with 65 hours and 2 days of classroom instruction, including hands on experience with at least 6 live models.

Cost: $8,000 plus cost of kit


Minimum Program

If you are already licensed with either Cosmetology, Nail or Esthetics, you can save 40 hours. 60 hours of training is composed of 60 hours and 2 days of classroom instruction, including hands on experience with at least 6 live models.

Cost: $5,000 plus cost of kit


Other Course Information:

  • Instructor will provide models for out of state students. For the educational benefit of local students, they will furnish their own models for touch up work and will work with each other.
  • Many cosmetic tattooing techniques learned while working on live models.
  • Student portfolio of ‘before and after pictures’ of models.
  • A permanent cosmetic procedure of your choice while in class.
  • Pictures of student working with clients throughout the course for marketing purposes.
  • An opportunity to return for observation in the future at no fee.
  • Complete cosmetic tattooing kit, including topical anesthetics, to perform at least 15 procedures. ***  example: 15 needles and tubes  X $400.00 (average procedure)  = $6,000.00  income  ***
  • Comprehensive 325 page manual covering all aspects of cosmetic tattooing, sterilization and blood borne pathogens.
  • Introduction to Skin Repigmentation and Multi-Tripannic Collagen Actuation.
  • Information on adding lucrative retail products to your business to capture the baby boomer market with the use of anti-aging skin care treatments.
  • Forms for you to use in your business: Consultation/client history, Release/consent, Medical release, Before and After home care, Technician worksheet/client record, Marketing materials.
  • Instructor provides Liability Insurance while taking course.
  • Insurance, Suppliers and Convention information.
  • All supplies furnished while in class.
  • Upon successful completion of course, receive a 'Certificate' for your office and insurance company.
  • Networking information with Who’s Who in the industry.
  • Postgraduate support!

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