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The Best Facial Treatments to Get During Fall and Winter

Always look younger than your age with taking care of your skin……..

As an Master Esthetician, I always advise my clients to get professional treatments this time of year to help their skin recover from summer and ease through this seasonal shift, keeping their complexion healthy in time for fall and the coming holidays. Here are other reasons to consider getting in-office treatments:

Best Facial Treatments for Fall and Winter

There are so many professional treatments available today. If you’re wondering which one is right for you around this time of the year, below are a few suggestions, along with why I recommend them, the process. With a few adjustments to your current regimen combined with professional treatments, your skin will retain that youthful, supple summer glow all throughout the holidays.

  • Chemical Peel

What it is: The process of applying a chemical solution to the skin to slough off dead skin cells, accelerate cell turnover and stimulate collagen production for smoother, brighter skin.

Who it is for: Anyone who wants to improve the overall health of their complexion. Depending on the strength of the peel—superficial, medium or deep—it can address many specific concerns from reversing hyperpigmention, smoothing wrinkles and improving skin tone, texture and clarity.

Why get it at this time of the year: It’s a great way to address multiple skin concerns at once. This time of the year is ideal because we are less susceptible to complications that come with too much UV exposure during the post-care healing process.

Downtime: The process is quick and painless (for most), but the downtime depends on the strength of the peel and the state of your complexion prior to the peel. You’ll begin to see peeling and flaking of the skin in the days after, which can be esthetically displeasing for some. You might also feel tight and dry as outer layers shed and fresh skin cells emerge. This phase could go anywhere from five days to several weeks.

  • Microdermabrasion

What it is: A procedure that removes the upper layers of skin known as the stratum corneum using a diamond-tipped device. By physically exfoliating the upper layers of skin, this treatment accelerates cell turnover to even tone and smooth texture, while stimulating collagen and elastin production to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Who it is for: Everyone, because it can be customized to your skin’s needs, from reversing sun damage to smoothing and revitalizing the complexion, which is just what we need as we shift into fall.

How it works: Typically this treatment is added on to a facial or could be performed alone. A double cleanse is followed by mild exfoliation, prepping the skin for microdermabrasion. There are two types of microdermabrasion: crystal and diamond. The crystal microdermabrasion emits micronized crystals to resurface the outer layers of the skin. The other type uses a diamond-tipped wand for areas that need more abrasive resurfacing or harder-to-reach areas (corner of nose, parts of the ears and eye area). The type of microdermabrasion will be tailored to your skin’s concerns and needs.

Downtime: The best part of the service is that there is no downtime! It is best to avoid getting this service before heavily sweating or high exposure to UV rays, but other than that, your makeup will go flawlessly and last even longer!

  • Microneedling

What it is: A minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that involves puncturing the skin with needles (or a dermaroller), which causes trauma and lesions to the skin to trigger your skin’s repair process and collagen production.

Who it is for: Someone who wants to postpone or reverse signs of aging, promote clarity and improve overall tone and texture.

Why get it at this time of the year: This procedure is not performed on sun-sensitive skin due to the small punctures you are promoting within the skin.

Downtime: It would vary on the depth of microneedle being used. But normally for 24-48hrs you will look red like sun burn .

Aftercare: After your treatment, avoid using a harsh exfoliating or resurfacing cleanser within the first 72 hours; use mild cleansing balms and milk cleansers instead. It is also best not to use exfoliating serums and retinol until advised by your esthetician. Consider adding calming, soothing and restorative products to repair the skin barrier. Sunscreen is crucial at all times. Depending on skin type, infusing the skin with collagen and peptides is great for the anti-aging treatments.


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