Microblading – Permanent Makeup in Bellingham


Microblading – Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is also known as Microblading, Permanent Cosmetics, Cosmetic Tattooing, Micro pigmentation and Derma-pigmentation. It is basically a non-surgical procedure that is both effective and safe.

Of course, the notion of permanent makeup might worry some women. But as it happens, this procedure is extremely affordable thanks to the topical anesthetic that is applied. Permanent makeup covers a broad range of procedures. It can range from a subtle permanent makeup eyeliner to full lips makeup. Whatever you choose, Style Day Spa Salon is at your service.

Generally, permanent makeup appeals to all people who are tired of performing the same procedures over and over again. After all, time is important and applying makeup in a hurry is never an option.

However, many of our clients are the people who:

  • Have issues with close vision and hence cannot apply the makeup
  • Suffer from scars or burns that have impacted natural features
  • Are allergic to cosmetic products
  • Have arthritis or problem with mobility
  • Wish to cover a hare-lip or a cleft-lip so they desire a permanent makeup
  • Have lost eyebrows and hence require permanent makeup eyebrows

Having make-up applied permanently is a great time-saver for people who lead very active lifestyles or are just tired of applying and re-applying make-up during the day.

2 Session Package: $450

Permanent Makeup Clinic

Permanent make-up is the answer for those people who:

•  are allergic to cosmetics

•  have problems with close vision and cannot apply make-up

•  have arthritis or other fine mobility problems

•  suffer from burns or scars that have destroyed natural features

•  have lost their eyebrows or eyelashes due to alopecia or chemotherapy

•  wish to camouflage a cleft lip or a hare-lip

What We Offer

Style Day Spa Salon has the service of professionals who know permanent makeup and advance 3d Microblading Eyebrows Cost like the back of their hand. Our procedures ensure quality of service, comfort and an overall amazing customer experience. Here are few things that make us stand out. .

Experience Quality and Innovation

Permanent makeup is permanent. It stays with you for years. Hence, you would want expertise, professionalism and quality from the person at the other end. We have experienced artists at our facility. Not only have they performed these procedures before, they are masters of the craft. We also promise a bit of imaginative work. You can see our pervious works especially the beauty eyebrow threading to see how creative we really are.

Reasonable Fee

Permanent make up requires advanced tools and experience hands, hence it is bit on the expensive side. However, we try to make sure that our service are not out of your reach. Comparatively, our prices can be defined as more than reasonable. For instance, 3d micro blading costs a hefty sum in other spas, but not with Style Day Spa Salon. You can rest assured that our treatments would not break your bank.

Sanitary Conditions

who one is willing to hire aesthetic services from a spa that is unsanitary. It can be as miniscule as eyebrow threading services but no one takes the risk. And they have every reason not to. Keeping this into consideration, we adhere to OSHA regulation to create a safe and sanitary environment. Style Day Spa Salon never reuses needles and uses same sterilization method as applied in surgical suites.

Anesthetic and Client Comfort

To ensure that the procedure is painless and to the comfort of client, we only let a licensed permanent makeup artist handle the anesthetics. She provides sedatives that are not provided in unlicensed spas. So you get the semi-permanent microblading eyebrows without any discomfort.

Best Microblading and Permanent Makeup in Bellingham


Eyeliner$250 - $350$150
Lip Liner$250$150
Full Lips$350$150
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